5 Jobs to Get Your Career Started in Kulim

Image result for 5 Jobs to Get Your Career StartedWith the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and the growing number of manufacturing and energy companies opening, Kulim is becoming a business giant in Malaysia. With the growth of the economy, graduates and professionals are taking advantage of this and moving to Kulim. If you’re one of them, check out these five job vacancies in Kulim to get your career started.


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With the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and growing number of IT companies opening up, developers have never been more in-demand. Developers with front-end and backed coding skills are being scooped up by companies like Intel and Fuji Electric to create software and hardware.

Real Estate Agent

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Businesses and residents are moving to Kulim left and right. Agencies are seeking many real estate agents with excellent sales skills and who can be taught about the geography of Kulim.

Customer Service Representative

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The Business Process Outsourcing business in growing in Kulim as there is a rise in the usage of English and technical skills in Malaysia. Companies like Teleperformance opened huge offices in Kulim and are seeking customer service representatives to provide answers to questions from many clients worldwide.

Travel Agent

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With the slated opening of a new airport in Kulim, travel agencies and airlines are bumping up their travel agent recruits to cater to the many prospective customers. Travel agents with customer service skills and the ability to solve problems will be first in line to get hired.

Project Manager

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Electronic and technology manufacturing is big in Kulim with electronic parts made here for companies all over the world. These companies are seeking skilled engineers who have strong math and project management skills to oversee productions and ensure parts are being made correctly and on time.

Get hired in Kulim today as it is slowly becoming the prime centre of business and technology. Check out these five job vacancies to start your new career.

Water Filtration System: The Best Way to Get Safe and Purified Water


If you are unsure about the safety of the water in your home or office, it’s highly recommended that you consider installing a water filtration system. Take note that water-borne bacteria and viruses cause common diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, and cholera. Using a filtration system can be instrumental in lessening the risks associated with these diseases. Whether you are using the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or cleaning, it’s essential that you have it filtered and purified to screen away from the bacteria and viruses it contains.








Finding the Right Filtration System


Water filtration systems come in various sizes, shapes, and models. The one you choose depends on your personal preferences and on the amount of water that needs to be filtered. If you only need to filter drinking water, you can avail of the smaller filtration systems. These are suitable for filtering and purifying water by the gallon.

However, if you want to filter the entire water supply in your house or office, you should get one of the large industrial-type filtration systems. These systems are usually installed and connected to your water supply. This means that every drop of water that passes through the system is filtered and purified.








Where to Buy a Filtration System


The smaller water filtration systems are often sold in appliance stores. For the industrial types, you need to contact the manufacturers or licensed suppliers. Or you can get in touch with companies whose primary business includes selling and installing filtration systems. The biggest benefit of hiring a company to install the system for you is that they usually offer support and maintenance services.



You need a water filtration system if you are concerned about the safety of the water that you and your family use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The system removes hazardous pollutants, improves water clarity, minimizes backflow problems, and even gives the water a preferable taste. The filtration systems are also not that hard to maintain. They usually run on their own, and they don’t break down that easily since they don’t have complicated moving parts.

Life Insurance in Malaysia: Which Suits You Best?

There are five common types of life insurance in Malaysia: endowment, term, investment-linked, life annuity, and whole life. If you are planning to buy your life insurance and cannot decide which among these types is the right one for you, take a look at their differences below:


An endowment life insurance works like a regular savings plan but pays you a lump sum after a particular term. You will not easily access your money until the term ends. The growth of your money will depend on your fund’s performance.

Term Life Insurance

It has the lowest possible premium among all types of life insurance. If you died during the policy, your beneficiary would receive death benefits. Aside from the minimum sum, it usually includes critical illness coverage and accidental death benefit.


As the name suggests, this life insurance combines protection and investment. This is ideal if you want to vary the price of premium payments based on your financial capacity. It allows you to choose between single and regular premium plan.

Life Annuity

This is the most recommended plan for people in their senior years. You can choose to have either a single payment annuity or flexible payment annuity. In the former, the life insurance product will be sold to you in exchange for the immediate payment of a lump sum while in the latter you can have it in a series of regular payments.


This is the most common type of life insurance. In here, the life insurance company will credit you based on the performance of an investment portfolio.

In conclusion, all these types of insurance require a long-term commitment. We all need insurance because life is full of uncertainties. You never know when an emergency or death may happen.

On the positive side, you may use it to secure your future.  You can use it to buy your dream house, for starting a new business, or for your children’s education.  Tuition fees increase every year. Be financially secure and talk to a financial advisor now!

The 4 Most Important Benefits of Installing a Water Purifier in Your Home


If you have doubts about the quality of the water going into your home, it’s advisable that you get a water purifier. Whether your water source is a government-run corporation or a private entity, you can’t be completely sure if it doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants. The only way to ensure that the water is safe is to let it run through a good purifier. A water purifier has built-in mechanisms that allow it to efficiently screen out contaminants as well as destroy bacteria and viruses. Below is an overview of some of the benefits of installing a purifier in your home:








  1. It significantly lessens your susceptibility to water-borne diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera


A lot of the illnesses that develop inside households are usually due to contaminated drinking water. A purifier helps you avoid these diseases since it kills most of the bacteria and viruses in the water.







  1. It saves you a lot of money


Buying bottled water can be expensive if you purchase them on a daily basis. With a purifier, you are basically getting clean water for free. You can get water from the purifier and store them in your own bottles. This allows you to save a significant amount of money in the long run.








  1. It is environmentally friendly


Using purified water also means you’re releasing cleaner water into the environment. Since the purifier destroys bacteria and viruses, you are releasing fewer bacteria and viruses in your immediate environment.








  1. It requires minimal maintenance


The majority of water purifiers are plug and play devices. You don’t have to do anything to make them work. They also require little repair because their inner mechanisms are not that complicated. And last but not least, they don’t break down too quickly.



In other words, getting a water purifier is truly a great investment as far as your health is concerned. These devices don’t cost too much, and they’re easy to install. Since they are usually powered by electricity, you simply plug them, and they’re good to go. Furthermore, a new affordable water purifier isn’t that difficult to find. You can purchase it in any appliance store. Or you can search online for retailers.