5 Jobs to Get Your Career Started in Kulim

Image result for 5 Jobs to Get Your Career StartedWith the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and the growing number of manufacturing and energy companies opening, Kulim is becoming a business giant in Malaysia. With the growth of the economy, graduates and professionals are taking advantage of this and moving to Kulim. If you’re one of them, check out these five job vacancies in Kulim to get your career started.


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With the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and growing number of IT companies opening up, developers have never been more in-demand. Developers with front-end and backed coding skills are being scooped up by companies like Intel and Fuji Electric to create software and hardware.

Real Estate Agent

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Businesses and residents are moving to Kulim left and right. Agencies are seeking many real estate agents with excellent sales skills and who can be taught about the geography of Kulim.

Customer Service Representative

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The Business Process Outsourcing business in growing in Kulim as there is a rise in the usage of English and technical skills in Malaysia. Companies like Teleperformance opened huge offices in Kulim and are seeking customer service representatives to provide answers to questions from many clients worldwide.

Travel Agent

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With the slated opening of a new airport in Kulim, travel agencies and airlines are bumping up their travel agent recruits to cater to the many prospective customers. Travel agents with customer service skills and the ability to solve problems will be first in line to get hired.

Project Manager

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Electronic and technology manufacturing is big in Kulim with electronic parts made here for companies all over the world. These companies are seeking skilled engineers who have strong math and project management skills to oversee productions and ensure parts are being made correctly and on time.

Get hired in Kulim today as it is slowly becoming the prime centre of business and technology. Check out these five job vacancies to start your new career.

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