Everything You Need to Know About Botox Injection in Malaysia

Aging is inevitable. At some point, you will have to deal with wrinkles and fine lines on your laugh lines, around your eyes and lips, and sagging skin.


However, it is important to note that you don’t have to fight against signs of aging alone because science and technology have paved the way for you to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and lines through Botox. And luckily, this procedure is very much available in Malaysia.


What is Botox?


Botox or Botulinum Toxin is a substance which was first used for medical purposes such as lazy eye or strabismus, cervical dystonia, and blepharospasm. It was only in early 2000s that this substance was used to relax and improve frown lines between the eyes and the forehead and was recorded to be successful in millions of patients since then.


Botox Injection For Wrinkles


Botox injection for wrinkles is one of the most common and frequently performed cosmetic procedure to reduce wrinkles. In this procedure, small doses of botulinum toxin A or BTA is injected into the forehead, corners of the eyes, frown areas, and crow’s feet as these are the areas of the face that produce wrinkles.


To note, wrinkles are formed through repetitive contraction and dermal atrophy of the facial muscles. Through the injection of BTA into the overactive muscles, it may cause muscle relaxation that reduces the wrinkles and smoothens the overlying skin.


Botulinum toxin shows effects at the neuromuscular junction to prevent release of acetylcholine that causes non-permanent chemical denervation. Botulinum toxin functions by splitting a docking protein known as synaptosomal-associated protein of 25kDA on the inner surface of neuronal membranes which prevents vesicle fusion and production of acetylcholine.


Overall, botulinum toxin helps targeted muscles by regenerating the protein in the skin, and restoring muscle contractility and neuromuscular signaling.

Other Advantages of Botox


  1. Fix Drooping Brow


Drooping brow or “Brow Ptosis” can make patients look tired and unhappy even if they feel energized and happy. Administering Botox causes relaxation in the brow muscles and when done properly, may prevent drooping of the brow from re-occurring.


  1. Reduce Migraine Pain


One of the other uses of botox is to help ease other symptoms of migraine such as nausea and light sensitivity. Reduction of such symptoms may make migraine easier to deal with


  1. Eliminate Excessive Sweating


Hyperhidrosis is defined as the medical condition in which a person sweats profusely and unpredictably. Patients with this condition sweat regardless of the temperature (may it be hot or cold). Botox may help eliminate this condition by acting as a shield for sweat glands. Botox is helpful in preventing excessive localized sweating in the feet, hands, and armpits.


What to Expect After the Procedure?


  • You must not lie down for at least Four hours after the treatment • You must not massage or apply hot compress to the area injected with botox •            You must avoid activities that may cause flushing such as alcohol consumption, hot tub use, and exercise on the day of the treatment

Botox in Malaysia


If you are interested in having a more youthful and wrinkle-free skin, worry no more because Botox injection is widely available in Malaysia. Over time, several skin clinics have begun offering this service across key cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Hartamas, Selangor, and Petaling Jaya. Botox in Malaysia may cost from RM200 up to RM5,300 depending on the area of the body to be injected.


Having a great skin is an investment no matter how old you are. This is why using treatments such as Botox injection is a great option for you to try if you want to regain the youthful and healthy appearance of your skin. If you are interested in undergoing Botox treatment, contact a trusted and reputable beauty clinic near you.

Top 3 Things to Know About Boarding Schools in Malaysia

Are you an expat living in Malaysia and wondering which boarding school in Malaysia to send your child?


Finding the right boarding school whether you are a Malay parent or expat is never an easy thing. There’s a lot to consider from the steep tuition fees to the quality of education. Not to mention, the quality of housing your child will live in. We’ve weighed in and believe that these are the top three things to know about boarding schools in Malaysia.

  1. Most Boarding Schools Follow the British Education System


Boarding schools in Malaysia, like in most Asian countries, offer education in an English medium. However, in most boarding schools, the preferred teaching curriculum follows the British system. This means children in these elite high schools will sit the Cambridge IGCSE and A-Level examinations. Other schools also offer the IB diploma for those wishing to pursue post-secondary education in the USA and France.


  1. They Boast Technologically Advanced Teaching


Among the most technologically advanced schools is Nexus International School. This school is a leader in education and was also the first high school to receive the Apple School Distinction in the country. Classrooms and labs at Nexus are all equipped with Apple computers, making digital education part and parcel of everyday life for the staff and students. Nexus is not alone as boarding schools are competing to outdo each other in incorporating technology into their teaching styles.


  1. There Are 60 Schools to Choose from


With the ever increasing presence of expatriates in the country, as well as Malay parents with more disposable income for their children’s education, there has been an increase in the number of boarding schools. There are, at the moment, as many as 60 boarding schools to choose from. The fact that the schools are all highly selective and competitive ensures that the standard of education is always very high. Among the leaders are the recently established Prince of Wales International School, International School of Penang, Epsom College, Marlborough College Malaysia and Nexus International School.



When the right school is chosen, a boarding school in Malaysia can be the best thing that’s ever happened to your child. The right place can help your child develop socially, academically and intellectually and prepare them to tackle the real world when they go off to university.

Practical Guide to Purchasing A Water Filter In Malaysia


Clean and safe water is a serious issue in Malaysia especially in the country’s urban centers. Thousands of Malaysians are hospitalized every year because of water-borne illnesses. With that said, you need to pay more attention to ensure the safety of your water sources.

One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to purchase a reliable water filter. It’s highly advisable that you get a filter that can process great volumes of water. It costs more but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

There are two good reasons why you might need a large volume water filter.


1) You live in a home where numerous people reside.

2) You run a business that utilizes huge amounts of water on a daily basis.

Whichever is the case, you have to get a filter that can efficiently clean all the water you need. The filter should be big enough to screen the water just as fast as you use them.

5 Factors You Must Consider When Looking For A Water Filter








  1. Capacity

First of all, you need a rough estimate of the amount of water that your family or your business uses in a single day. You need this estimate to decide whether a particular water filter can provide what you need.

If you can’t calculate the estimation on your own, you should consider getting the assistance of a representative from the water filter supplier or company. You need an accurate estimate to prevent the risk of purchasing a filter that is either too small or too big for the actual amount of water you consume in a day.








  1. Installation Method

In most cases, the supplier or provider of the water filter will perform the installation themselves. We are talking about large filters here so the installation process can be complicated. How the filters are installed sometimes depends on the layout of your home or business establishment.

For instance, should the filters be installed inside or outside? Sometimes it’s necessary to have the installers inspect your home or establishment first so that they can recommend the right size of filters for it.








  1. Maintenance Requirements

For the water filter to work properly and consistently, its filters have to be changed regularly. Changing the filters can be within an interval of weeks or months depending on the specifications of the device.

Some suppliers offer post-purchase maintenance services; which means they do the filter replacements themselves. Therefore this is something you should take into account when purchasing a water filter.









  1. Warranties

Never buy a large volume water filter if it doesn’t come with a reasonable warranty. What if the machine breaks down just days after you bought it? Without a warranty, you can’t ask for a replacement, refund, or even repair services from the company you bought it from.

Large and sophisticated water filters are quite expensive and require close maintenance. That said, it’s about right that you only purchase one if there’s a warranty attached. This is why you should only purchase from original or authorized suppliers and dealers because they’re the ones who usually offer good warranty options.








  1. Features and Functions

It’s important that you scrutinize the product manual to read about the filter’s capabilities. What are its strainer features? What applications can it be used for? How much electrical power does it consume? What kind of particles can it filter? These are just some of the questions you must find answers to with regards to features and functions.



It’s not that difficult to come up with an informed decision if you consider all of the factors discussed above. A large volume water filter is a sizable investment so you must take your time in finalizing the deal. Make sure that all the bases are covered to prevent problems in the future.

A Guide to Buying a Genuine Rolex for Your Personal Style


A Rolex is a symbol of finesse in many societies around the globe, including Malaysian. The watch is designed and made for chronometric accuracy, no matter the passage of time.

However, there’s a variety of designs and collections for these luxury watches, not to mention the availability of fake products. All that can make it difficult for a shopper to identify the perfect, genuine Rolex when they go to Malaysian watch dealers.

Here are tips for buying a Rolex that’s authentically original and true to your character:








  1. Use the Reference Number to Confirm Authenticity

To avoid falling for a Rolex replica, go to an official authentication website and search the serial as well as the reference number of the watch you’re buying. Just pop the Rolex’s bracelet off and study the top and bottom of its case to see the figures.


Compare the timepiece being offered against the image you see on the Rolex authentication site. Every single design and construction aspect should match, including the bezel and bracelet, for the timepiece to be genuine.

Likewise, Rolex watches have a serial number between their lugs and the 12 o’clock position as well as inside their covers. Since this serial number includes the time of manufacturer of each piece, it can also tell you the age of a timepiece you want to buy today.








  1. Determine Your Ideal Rolex Watch Line

Besides considering attributes like the Rolex price, you also want to determine a design that suits your personality and taste. Are you after the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection with distinct models made of gold or platinum? This line has waterproof timepieces with a self-winding mechanism.


Or do you prefer the Cellini collection that emphasizes visual appeal? There’s also the Rolex Oyster lady line with models that feature a female-oriented design. And if you’re a company executive, you could try the professional Rolex line.



Wearing Rolex watches epitomizes class every time. Be sure to confirm the authenticity of any Rolex before buying it after deciding your ideal collection. That’s guaranteed to help get a timepiece that’s worth the cost.

Gain an Industry Edge with These 5 Floor Designs

When designing and building a structure, not many would pay real attention to floors. But with it being the absolute most used among all the surfaces in any space, it is important to plan its construction carefully.

Floors form impressions and can set the mood of any space. At the same time, its quality can dictate a space’s usability. Floors that crack, warp, and flake would only serve as a hindrance, while those built to last can take abuses of all sorts.

With this in mind, what type of floor will you be building? If you need inspiration, the following floor designs could help.








  1. “Natural” Stone

A stone floor adds a strong character to any space it adorns. And while natural stone would be expensive and impractical, today’s technology allows builders to mimic its natural beauty using aggregates and resin. Such a solution allows floors to have the visual impact and luster of polished stone while creating a hardwearing surface that can withstand daily traffic.

This flooring would stand out in any space, from showrooms to bedrooms. The seamless finish, impossible to achieve using real stone, allows you to install on surfaces of any size.









  1. Seamless Patterns

Break away from the monotony of tiles and repeating designs with bold, seamless patterns. Using resin terrazzo, you can harness the beauty of the entire color spectrum and paint any building’s floor whichever way its tenants want. Draw bold strokes in vivid colors, or customize the floor with the client’s insignia! These patterns can be made even more appealing by adding sparkling aggregates to the matrix, giving it a luxurious sheen.

This design concept would be perfect for wide open spaces, such as the atria of office buildings and shopping malls. The durability of the resin ensures the colors do not fade out over time.








  1. High-tech Flooring

We are used to floors bearing no other function than something we stand on while we go about our daily business. But how about if you can use the wide surface area to help control the temperature of the space? Using underfloor pipework, you can provide a more efficient and more environment-friendly means of heating and cooling: a definite plus for forward-looking clients.

This idea would be perfect both for residential and commercial spaces. It would be especially useful for locations that would require a stable temperature, such as manufacturing and food processing spaces.








  1. High-Gloss, Anti-Slip

When hundreds of people walk hurriedly around a space everyday, you would want the floor to be both durable and slip-resistant. But instead of sticking with boring materials like carpets or non-slip tiles, why not use a flooring solution that has anti-slip properties while boasting a resin finish? Coat your floor with a wide array of lively colors that enhance not just the looks but also the functionality of the place.

With the versatility of colors, this will give you a lot more options in building and designing vibrant office spaces that are in great demand today.








  1. Antibacterial Floors

There are those spaces where form plays second fiddle to function. Good examples would be hospitals and the manufacturing/packaging areas of the food and beverage sector. Here, aesthetics are not paramount; cleanliness is. And you can add a lot of value here by offering a floor that would neutralize microbes upon contact, by means of an antibacterial agent embedded in the material.

While these floors are certainly functional, they are also durable enough to last long in demanding and high-traffic environments. This low-maintenance, high-quality solution is a definite ace in niche applications.



The good news is that all these different floor types and designs could be effortlessly created through systems available through Flowcrete Malaysia. What are your plans for your next big project? Float these suggestions over to your clients and immediately get an edge in the industry.

5 Jobs to Get Your Career Started in Kulim

Image result for 5 Jobs to Get Your Career StartedWith the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and the growing number of manufacturing and energy companies opening, Kulim is becoming a business giant in Malaysia. With the growth of the economy, graduates and professionals are taking advantage of this and moving to Kulim. If you’re one of them, check out these five job vacancies in Kulim to get your career started.


Image result for Developer

With the Kulim Hi-Tech Park and growing number of IT companies opening up, developers have never been more in-demand. Developers with front-end and backed coding skills are being scooped up by companies like Intel and Fuji Electric to create software and hardware.

Real Estate Agent

Image result for Real Estate Agent

Businesses and residents are moving to Kulim left and right. Agencies are seeking many real estate agents with excellent sales skills and who can be taught about the geography of Kulim.

Customer Service Representative

Image result for Customer Service Representative

The Business Process Outsourcing business in growing in Kulim as there is a rise in the usage of English and technical skills in Malaysia. Companies like Teleperformance opened huge offices in Kulim and are seeking customer service representatives to provide answers to questions from many clients worldwide.

Travel Agent

Image result for Travel Agent

With the slated opening of a new airport in Kulim, travel agencies and airlines are bumping up their travel agent recruits to cater to the many prospective customers. Travel agents with customer service skills and the ability to solve problems will be first in line to get hired.

Project Manager

Image result for Project Manager

Electronic and technology manufacturing is big in Kulim with electronic parts made here for companies all over the world. These companies are seeking skilled engineers who have strong math and project management skills to oversee productions and ensure parts are being made correctly and on time.

Get hired in Kulim today as it is slowly becoming the prime centre of business and technology. Check out these five job vacancies to start your new career.

Water Filtration System: The Best Way to Get Safe and Purified Water


If you are unsure about the safety of the water in your home or office, it’s highly recommended that you consider installing a water filtration system. Take note that water-borne bacteria and viruses cause common diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid fever, and cholera. Using a filtration system can be instrumental in lessening the risks associated with these diseases. Whether you are using the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, or cleaning, it’s essential that you have it filtered and purified to screen away from the bacteria and viruses it contains.








Finding the Right Filtration System


Water filtration systems come in various sizes, shapes, and models. The one you choose depends on your personal preferences and on the amount of water that needs to be filtered. If you only need to filter drinking water, you can avail of the smaller filtration systems. These are suitable for filtering and purifying water by the gallon.

However, if you want to filter the entire water supply in your house or office, you should get one of the large industrial-type filtration systems. These systems are usually installed and connected to your water supply. This means that every drop of water that passes through the system is filtered and purified.








Where to Buy a Filtration System


The smaller water filtration systems are often sold in appliance stores. For the industrial types, you need to contact the manufacturers or licensed suppliers. Or you can get in touch with companies whose primary business includes selling and installing filtration systems. The biggest benefit of hiring a company to install the system for you is that they usually offer support and maintenance services.



You need a water filtration system if you are concerned about the safety of the water that you and your family use for drinking, cooking, and bathing. The system removes hazardous pollutants, improves water clarity, minimizes backflow problems, and even gives the water a preferable taste. The filtration systems are also not that hard to maintain. They usually run on their own, and they don’t break down that easily since they don’t have complicated moving parts.

Life Insurance in Malaysia: Which Suits You Best?

There are five common types of life insurance in Malaysia: endowment, term, investment-linked, life annuity, and whole life. If you are planning to buy your life insurance and cannot decide which among these types is the right one for you, take a look at their differences below:


An endowment life insurance works like a regular savings plan but pays you a lump sum after a particular term. You will not easily access your money until the term ends. The growth of your money will depend on your fund’s performance.

Term Life Insurance

It has the lowest possible premium among all types of life insurance. If you died during the policy, your beneficiary would receive death benefits. Aside from the minimum sum, it usually includes critical illness coverage and accidental death benefit.


As the name suggests, this life insurance combines protection and investment. This is ideal if you want to vary the price of premium payments based on your financial capacity. It allows you to choose between single and regular premium plan.

Life Annuity

This is the most recommended plan for people in their senior years. You can choose to have either a single payment annuity or flexible payment annuity. In the former, the life insurance product will be sold to you in exchange for the immediate payment of a lump sum while in the latter you can have it in a series of regular payments.


This is the most common type of life insurance. In here, the life insurance company will credit you based on the performance of an investment portfolio.

In conclusion, all these types of insurance require a long-term commitment. We all need insurance because life is full of uncertainties. You never know when an emergency or death may happen.

On the positive side, you may use it to secure your future.  You can use it to buy your dream house, for starting a new business, or for your children’s education.  Tuition fees increase every year. Be financially secure and talk to a financial advisor now!

The 4 Most Important Benefits of Installing a Water Purifier in Your Home


If you have doubts about the quality of the water going into your home, it’s advisable that you get a water purifier. Whether your water source is a government-run corporation or a private entity, you can’t be completely sure if it doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants. The only way to ensure that the water is safe is to let it run through a good purifier. A water purifier has built-in mechanisms that allow it to efficiently screen out contaminants as well as destroy bacteria and viruses. Below is an overview of some of the benefits of installing a purifier in your home:








  1. It significantly lessens your susceptibility to water-borne diseases like typhoid fever, dysentery, diarrhea, and cholera


A lot of the illnesses that develop inside households are usually due to contaminated drinking water. A purifier helps you avoid these diseases since it kills most of the bacteria and viruses in the water.







  1. It saves you a lot of money


Buying bottled water can be expensive if you purchase them on a daily basis. With a purifier, you are basically getting clean water for free. You can get water from the purifier and store them in your own bottles. This allows you to save a significant amount of money in the long run.








  1. It is environmentally friendly


Using purified water also means you’re releasing cleaner water into the environment. Since the purifier destroys bacteria and viruses, you are releasing fewer bacteria and viruses in your immediate environment.








  1. It requires minimal maintenance


The majority of water purifiers are plug and play devices. You don’t have to do anything to make them work. They also require little repair because their inner mechanisms are not that complicated. And last but not least, they don’t break down too quickly.



In other words, getting a water purifier is truly a great investment as far as your health is concerned. These devices don’t cost too much, and they’re easy to install. Since they are usually powered by electricity, you simply plug them, and they’re good to go. Furthermore, a new affordable water purifier isn’t that difficult to find. You can purchase it in any appliance store. Or you can search online for retailers.