A Guide to Buying a Genuine Rolex for Your Personal Style


A Rolex is a symbol of finesse in many societies around the globe, including Malaysian. The watch is designed and made for chronometric accuracy, no matter the passage of time.

However, there’s a variety of designs and collections for these luxury watches, not to mention the availability of fake products. All that can make it difficult for a shopper to identify the perfect, genuine Rolex when they go to Malaysian watch dealers.

Here are tips for buying a Rolex that’s authentically original and true to your character:








  1. Use the Reference Number to Confirm Authenticity

To avoid falling for a Rolex replica, go to an official authentication website and search the serial as well as the reference number of the watch you’re buying. Just pop the Rolex’s bracelet off and study the top and bottom of its case to see the figures.


Compare the timepiece being offered against the image you see on the Rolex authentication site. Every single design and construction aspect should match, including the bezel and bracelet, for the timepiece to be genuine.

Likewise, Rolex watches have a serial number between their lugs and the 12 o’clock position as well as inside their covers. Since this serial number includes the time of manufacturer of each piece, it can also tell you the age of a timepiece you want to buy today.








  1. Determine Your Ideal Rolex Watch Line

Besides considering attributes like the Rolex price, you also want to determine a design that suits your personality and taste. Are you after the Rolex Oyster Perpetual collection with distinct models made of gold or platinum? This line has waterproof timepieces with a self-winding mechanism.


Or do you prefer the Cellini collection that emphasizes visual appeal? There’s also the Rolex Oyster lady line with models that feature a female-oriented design. And if you’re a company executive, you could try the professional Rolex line.



Wearing Rolex watches epitomizes class every time. Be sure to confirm the authenticity of any Rolex before buying it after deciding your ideal collection. That’s guaranteed to help get a timepiece that’s worth the cost.

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